The Weight of Words (ongoing)

Multiple channel video installation without subtitles.

Instructions given to the participants after laying them down and covering their heads with soil:

a. Close your eyes and think of someone you have hurt physically or emotionally during your lifetime.

b. Open your eye and look at the video camera.

c. In your native tongue, apologize to this person without mentioning their name for as long as you need to.

d. Close your eyes again.

Special Thanks to: Shirin Mozaffari, Gwenn-Ael Lynn, David Lakein, Surabhi Saraf, Irina Botea, Stan Chisholm, Snorre Sjonost Henriksen, Yoni Goldstein, Sangbum Heo, Amanda Gutierrez, Abina Manning, Chryssa Tampasi, Angel Otero, William Amaya.