Disclaimer presented with Transection 01:

This piece is a beginning. It is a window into a larger and ongoing investigation entitled The Chronosophical Society. The drawing and its magnified sections are a prototype for what will become an expansive, interactive, cross-sectional map, representing not only the city but the depth of the earth below it and atmospheric layers above it.

This piece is a compression. From the troposphere to the thermosphere, nothing is proportional. When fully realized, the work may consume an entire building, or even a city park, and will acknowledge the orbital cycles of its components.

This piece is a synchronoptic timeline, concerned with our home planet, its history and atmospheric conditions. It seeks to expose strata of multiple forms and their implications. It is the antithesis of the panoptic, the aerial view flattened on a tiny screen.


Transection presented at La Box at the Ecole nationale supérieure d'arts (ENSA) Bourges, and at Gallery 400 (Chicago) as part of Ghost Nature, an exhibition curated by Caroline Picard.


Transection 01 | Gallery 400
Photo by Tom Van Endye
Transection 01
Altered detail for publication
Transection 01 (video installation)
Photos by Pascal Vanneau. Bourges.
Lecture. La Chapelle. ENSA
Photos by Caroline Picard.